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I’m a Chartered Director, Non-Executive Director and experienced Chief Executive of charitable organisations.

Civil society and leadership

I’m passionate about the role of civil society and its importance to all our futures. I’m passionate too about values-led inclusive leadership and I love people.  I am a big believer that there’s a lot more we can do to learn and share across the private, public and voluntary sectors. This is how we can all innovate, embrace the growth of digital working and navigate our rapidly-changing world together. Leadership is a huge topic and one that I find fascinating!

Social justice 

I firmly believe in social justice, challenging discrimination, tackling inequalities and promoting equity, diversity and inclusion.  These are themes you’ll see throughout my work.

Learning and volunteering

I’m a big believer in lifelong learning, volunteering, contributing, helping others and mentoring the next generation of leaders. I have broad interests and am generally curious about the world.

Making change happen

I’m committed to making social change happen and both leading, and working with others, to make a lasting, positive difference in our society.

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In October 2021, I started a Masters degree (MSc) in Welsh Government and Politics at Cardiff University. Since this time I have written extensive assignments about politics (that have been awarded distinction level gradings). If you have an interest in politics, public policy, constitutionalism or governance and would like access to my work to date,...

On 13th October 2021, I was delighted to be at the launch of Social Leaders Cymru, a new, innovative and inclusive leadership programme in Wales by Clore Social Leadership and Wales Co-operative Centre. I joined a great panel of social sector leaders and we talked about our reflections and experiences of leadership. Here I share some of the answers...

“Stop moaning” were the words of one corporate leader in a staff meeting recently when talking about the impact of the pandemic and lockdown on people’s lives. Hardly an empathetic response in the circumstances. Why, even after a year where empathy, care and compassion, have been essential to get us through these darkest times in...

The time is now.  We can all influence our future. The choices are ours.  But do we have the will and the quality of leadership to actually ‘build back better,’ or are these another set of warm words? Good slogans alone don’t change the world after all. People can be kind, creative and generous. We...

I’m used to scenario planning, risk registers, thinking of best- and worst-case scenarios. Pandemic on an unprecedented scale, however, wasn’t on any risk register! The Olympics may now be delayed till next year; I never thought, however, I’d be facing my own 2020 CEO decathlon, without much training. I have been CEO of The Pituitary Foundation,...

I wear many hats. A fundraiser, chief executive and trustee hat, to name but a few. But why do so few charity chief executives come up from the ranks of fundraising? Generally speaking, many trustees and senior leaders still don’t widely recognise the importance of fundraising. They are missing a trick. This has implications for...